After extensive research and experimentation, inventor Carl Nicodemus discovered a phenomenon that allowed him to combine low pressure liquid with vapor, and discharge a high pressure liquid at levels never before attainable through a device with no moving parts. He continued to work on this technology and the "Pressure - Amplifier - Condenser" (PAC or HelioPAC™) was born.

HelioPAC TechnologyThe HelioPAC does all this with no moving parts, making it the most efficient, low maintenance, hot water pump system available. The HelioPAC replaces old style (conventional) systems that incorporate high pressure mechanical pumps and sparger, ‘shell and tube’, or plate type heat exchangers.

The HelioPAC Technology utilizes existing steam and cold water supplies. As steam enters the unit, it is expanded to supersonic velocity and immediately condenses into an oncoming cold water stream.

The steam’s heat and momentum are transferred to the water thus producing an instantaneous supply of pressurized hot water. Because all the energy of the incoming vapor is used to heat and pressurize the incoming liquid, the HelioPAC is more than 99% efficient.

The HelioPAC does all this with no moving parts, making it low maintenance, and the most efficient cleaning system technology of its kind. For example: when using 125 PSI steam pressure and a cold water supply of 60 PSI, the HelioPAC can deliver hot water at 300 psi and 185°F.

HelioPAC Advantage

Another unique advantage of the HelioPAC Technology is that during operation, it creates its own internal vacuum. This allows He-Chem™ specially formulated chemical cleaners to be metered in automatically.

As the He-Chem Cleaner enters the HelioPAC, it encounters extreme heat and turbulence which thoroughly mixes and disperses it into the pressurized hot water. This action creates a powerful cleaning solution.

Materials of Construction

The HelioPAC models featured on this site are constructed with a bronze external housing and stainless steel internal components. Detergent inlet valve assemblies are available in brass or stainless steel.

Video Demonstration

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