Wash Station

High Pressure / Hot Water Wash Stations

Clean, sanitize, degrease, and disinfect like never before with the HelioJET® single user wash station.

Powered by the patented HelioPAC™, HelioJET® single user wash stations offer the ultimate in cleaning efficiency and economy.

Using only your existing in-plant steam and cold water supply, the HelioPAC (Pressure - Amplifier - Condenser) generates high pressure hot water, and does it with no moving parts. This small, compact unit operates more efficiently, and out-performs larger, more cumbersome systems of the past. Eliminate pump maintenance, gas fumes and electricity costs by using HelioJET® Technology.

Single User Cleaning Stations

As outlined below, HelioJET® single user wash stations are available in three sizes which range in capacity from 3-14 gpm. Typical output pressure range is 200-400 psi at temperatures of 170-190°F.

All HelioJET® single user wash Systems can automatically meter in chemical cleaners in order to provide optimum cleaning performance.


Single User Wash Station LittleJET

(3-5 GPM) The LittleJET wash station is ideal for cleaning small items such as food transport racks, buckets, and minor food processing equipment.

The LittleJET can spray pressurized hot water to a distance of 6 feet and still maintain high impact at the cleaning surface. When you have a special cleaning job that requires low flow, the LittleJET wash station is your choice.

1500 Standard

Single User Wash Station 1500 Standard

(6-8 GPM) The 1500 Standard wash station™ is the most popular of the HelioJET® single user wash stations. It is ideal for general cleaning of: food processing equipment, floors, walls, vats, etc.

The 1500 Standard wash station can spray water to a distance of 14 feet and still maintain high impact at the cleaning surface.

1500 Big Gun

Single User Wash Station 1500 Big Gun

(9-14 GPM) The 1500 Big Gun wash station is specially designed to deliver a high volume of pressurized hot water on demand. It is perfect for large open areas that you need to clean fast.

The 1500 Big Gun can spray water up to 25 feet and still maintain high impact at the cleaning surface. The Big Gun is not recommended for use in close quarters, high traffic areas, or if the operator is within 10 feet of the object being cleaned.

Single User Wash Station Flow Rates

Models Water Supply   Steam Supply Floor Drain
Pipe ID
Flow Rat
Pipe ID
PSI   Minimum
Pipe ID
PSI Maximum
LittleJET 0.75" 20 - 150   0.75" 50 - 150 400 lbs/hr 2" 3 - 5
1500 Standard 1.00" 20 - 150   1.00" 50 - 150 650 lbs/hr 2" 6 - 8
1500 Big Gun 1.25" 20 - 150   1.25" *25 - 150 900 lbs/hr 2" 9 - 14

The HelioPAC can also be used to supply high pressure hot water to shower nozzles for conveyor cleaning, interior tank washing equipment, etc. Larger HelioPAC units are also available in capacities as high as 120 gpm.