The HelioPAC Technology utilizes existing steam and cold water supplies. As steam enters the unit, it is expanded to supersonic velocity and immediately condenses into an oncoming cold water stream.

The steam’s heat and momentum are transferred to the water thus producing an instantaneous supply of pressurized hot water. Because all the energy of the incoming vapor is used to heat and pressurize the incoming liquid, the HelioPAC is more than 99% efficient.

The HelioPAC does all this with no moving parts, making it low maintenance, and the most efficient cleaning system technology of its kind. For example: when using 125 psi steam pressure and a cold water supply of 60 psi, the HelioPAC can deliver hot water at 300 psi and 185°F.


The HelioPAC can be connected to shower headers or a tank washing spinner. The HelioPAC can also be piped directly into a tank or kettle for filling applications.

The HelioPAC comes in the following models:

Model Output (gpm) Temperature Pressure
1500 15 Up to 190° F Up to 400 PSI
HelioPAC 30 30
HelioPAC 60 60
HelioPAC 100 100
HelioPAC 130 130