Conveyor Line Cleaning SolutionsHelioJET’s HelioPAC™ Technology is the perfect solution for generating hot water quickly, reliably and efficiently for your kettle / tank filling needs. We can size your HelioPAC Kettle / Tank Filling Solution to create hot water at a rate ranging from 5 gpm to 150 gpm.

The HelioPAC solution will convert your plant’s existing steam and cold water supply into hot water with a temperature of up to 200° F, with no moving parts. Benefits of using a HelioJET® HelioPAC solution to create hot water include:

  • On-Demand hot water without the need for inefficient and expensive hot water storage tanks
  • Consistent temperature of output hot water (never run out of hot water again)
  • Over 99% efficiency. No need for inefficient heat exchangers. Virtually no wasted energy
  • Reliability... No moving parts means a virtually maintenance free operation

Save upwards of thousands of dollars per month in energy costs by using the HelioJET® HelioPAC tank filling solution to fulfill your hot water needs. Contact us to learn more.