Fast Clean Shower

HelioJET® Cleaning Technologies offers the Fast Clean Shower with new patented Smart Nozzle™ feature. The Smart Nozzle Feature senses plugged nozzles and automatically activates the Fast Clean Shower.

All the shower nozzles are cleaned within seconds. No attention is required by the operator, and there is no interruption to production!

HelioJET® Fast Clean Shower deliver a precision, high impact spray pattern that is easy to maintain. With any piping network, debris travels through supply lines, causing shower nozzles to plug.

This solution is designed with internal rotating brushes that unplug every nozzle in a matter of seconds. Fast Clean Showers are available in motorized or manually operated versions.

Fast Clean Shower headers are customized to meet the requirements of your cleaning application, and are designed with internal rotating brushes that make it easy to clear spray nozzles when they become plugged.

Fast Clean Shower Applications

  • Paper Machine Fabrics
  • Strip Cleaning in the Metal Rolling Industry
  • Conveyor Belts for Food Processing
  • Parts Washing

Motorized Fast Clean Showers with Smart Nozzle™

Fast Clean Shower, Motorized

Simply push a button and the Motorized Shower is activated. All the shower nozzles are cleaned within seconds, and there is no interruption to your process.

Manual Fast Clean Showers

Fast Clean Shower, Manual Manual Fast Clean Showers are hand operated. Simply open the drain valve and rotate the hand wheel.

This hand wheel action spins and cleans the nozzles and debris is flushed away in seconds. Your production process will not be interrupted.

Range of Flow Rate:

Fast Clean Shower, Flow Rates

Fast Clean Shower Nozzles offer a wide range of flow rate delivery. This allows you to use a precise amount of water for your application. All nozzles listed deliver a 60° spray pattern. They are typically spaced 6 inches apart on the shower. The shower is normally installed so that the distance between shower and cleaning surface is 6-8 inches.