Paper Machine Boil Out

Paper Machine Boil Out using HelioPAC™ TechnologyPaper Machine Boil Out using a Fixed Flow System™

The purpose of a paper machine boil out is to remove deposits of pitch, fibers, minerals, and biological slime from the wetted surfaces of a paper machine during a shutdown. HelioJET® offers an effective way to produce high pressure, hot water instantaneously to be used to perform boil outs.

  • The HelioJET® fixed flow unit utilizes existing plant steam and water to achieve a hot water output up to 180° Fahrenheit.
  • The output ranges from 5 gpm up to 130 gpm per unit.
  • Temperature and pressure is produced instantaneously at a 99% efficiency level so minimal energy is lost during the process.
  • There are no tanks to be filled and heated in the process of a boil out.
  • All units allow for chemicals to be siphoned in providing optimum cleaning performance.

The HelioJET® fixed flow unit gives paper mills a very efficient and effective way to use high pressure and high temperature water to perform a boil out. For more information about this technology please use the following link: