Conveyor Line Cleaning SolutionsHelioJET's HelioPAC™ Technology will provide your plant with the most effective and efficient solution for cleaning any production conveyor line. Your HelioPAC will create pressurized hot water that will enable you to clean your conveyor line system quickly and thoroughly through your existing shower bars or through a HelioJET® designed showering system.

The HelioPAC will convert your plant’s existing steam and cold water supply into pressurized (up to 300 psi) hot water with a temperature of up to 200 degrees F, with no moving parts.

With the high cost of energy, utilities, effluent treatment and labor, conveyor line cleaning typically accounts for large hidden costs in your plant’s operation. If you would like to clean your conveyor lines more effectively and efficiently, you can do so with the most efficient and maintenance free high pressure/hot water equipment in the world; the HelioPAC by HelioJET®.

Conveyor Line Cleaning Solutions

Using HelioJET’s conveyor line cleaning solutions, your plant’s cleaning operation will:

  • Use less water thereby disposing less water
  • Use less energy to heat a lower volume of water
  • Use up to 1/2 the time currently being used to clean
  • Reduce maintenance costs on your line cleaning equipment
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for cleaning chemicals
  • Eliminate the need for hot water storage tanks

Replace your expensive to maintain and unreliable pump and heat exchanger system with HelioJET’s Conveyor Line Cleaning Solution and start saving immediately. Contact us to learn more.