Tank Cleaning

System Performance

High Pressure / Hot Water is created within the HelioPAC™ (Pressure - Amplifier - Condenser), and is then piped directly to the Rotary Tank Washer.

The spray that discharges from our Interior Tank Washing Solution impacts the inner walls of the tank. This creates a powerful scouring action that can remove most tough deposits very quickly.

Example: Supply HelioPAC with:

  • 125 psi steam pressure and
  • 60 psi cold water

The HelioPAC can amazingly generate 300 psi @ 185°F, and do it with no moving parts. One small, compact unit that generates a high pressure / hot water washing solution instantaneously.

The HelioPAC eliminates mechanical pumps and conventional heat exchangers, and is available in capacities as high as 120 GPM. The HelioPAC itself is a manually operated unit, but can also be automated for push button or remote operation.

Trial System

You can experience the benefits of a HelioJET® "Interior Tank Wash Starter Kit" for 30 days, risk free. Let us prove what this amazing system can do for you. To get started complete our short questionnaire and submit, or call 888-223-5882 and speak with a specialist. We are always happy to assist you.

Tank Wash Starter KitInterior Tank Washing Starter Kit

The Interior Tank Washing Starter Kit is composed of the: HelioPAC (Pressure-Amplifier-Condenser), Rotary Tank Washer, and Remote Gauge Panel. The gauge panel measures supply steam and water pressure as well as discharge temperature and pressure. He-Chem™ Chemical Cleaners are recommended when applicable.

Each Interior Tank Washing Starter Kit is custom tailored to match your specific tank washing application. Whether you produce food products, chemicals, paper or pharmaceuticals, the HelioJET® technical staff can recommend the proper starter kit for you.

Rotary Tank Washing

Rotary Tank Washer The Rotary Interior Tank Washer travels on two axis at the same time while discharging powerful jet streams of high pressure hot water. After each rotation, the center line of impact moves slightly forward. As a result, the interior tank wall is thoroughly cleaned. A complete cleaning cycle typically lasts about 15 minutes. In some extreme cases, more than one 15 minute cycle may be required to do the job.