HelioJET® offers a complete range of manual through fully automatic Tanker Truck Cleaning Solutions. Our solutions may be used to clean interiors of virtually any size or type of tanker truck, tank, bin or vessel. This solution incorporates the patented HelioPAC™ high pressure / hot water system; along with a high quality rotary spray apparatus.

The HelioJET® tanker truck cleaning solution will create high pressure/hot water without the need for high maintenance pumps and inefficient heat exchangers. The HelioPAC technology uses no moving parts so is therefore virtually maintenance free. Tanker truck cleaning with the HelioJET® solution, which utilizes both pressure and heat, allows your plant to save on:

  • Water consumption
  • Effluent costs
  • Energy costs
  • Clean cycle times
  • Chemical Cleaners
  • Down time
  • Maintenance costs (HelioPAC Technology uses no moving parts)

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