General Washdown and Sanitation

General Washdown and Sanitation

General Plant Washdown and Sanitation

HelioJET® offers a complete range of in-plant washdown and sanitation systems. From single user up to 20 user systems are available. Using the patented HelioPAC™ technology, HelioJET® systems create pressurized hot water using no moving parts for all of your plant’s general washdown and sanitation applications.

HelioJET® also offers a complete line of accessories including spray guns, hose racks, hoses, and detergent inlet assemblies.

Operating costs associated with in-plant general washdown and sanitation are typically overlooked. With the high cost of energy, utilities, effluent treatment and labor, this can no longer be the case.

If you want your maintenance personnel or cleaning crew to clean more effectively and efficiently, provide them with the most efficient and maintenance free high pressure/hot water equipment in the world. Provide them with a HelioJET® general washdown and sanitation solution.

Using HelioJET®’s Single User Wash Stations or Central Cleaning Systems, your plant’s cleaning operation will:

  • Use less water
  • Dispose of less water
  • Use less energy to heat the lower volume of water
  • Use up to ½ the time currently being used to clean
  • Reduce maintenance costs on your cleaning equipment
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for cleaning chemicals
  • Clean safely

Replace you ineffective "old style" mixing valves with HelioJET® Single User Wash Stations, or replace your maintenance intensive and energy wasting pump/heat exchanger system with a HelioJET® Multi-User Central Cleaning System and start saving on your cleaning costs immediately.

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