Interior Tank Washing

HelioJET® offers a complete range of manual through fully automatic Tank Cleaning Solutions. Our tank cleaning solutions may be used to clean interiors of virtually any size or type of tank, bin, or vessel including, wine barrels, drums, totes, tanker trucks and rail cars.

The tank cleaning solution incorporates the patented HelioPAC™ high pressure / hot water cleaning system; along with a high quality rotary spray apparatus.

The HelioJET® tank cleaning solution will create high pressure/hot water without the need for high maintenance pumps and inefficient heat exchangers. The HelioPAC technology uses no moving parts so is therefore virtually maintenance free.

Tank cleaning with the HelioJET® solution, which utilizes both pressure and heat, allows your plant to save on:

  • Tank Wash Starter KitRotary Tank WasherWater consumption
  • Effluent costs
  • Energy costs
  • Cleaning cycle time
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Down time
  • Maintenance costs (HelioPAC technology uses no moving parts)

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The following are some of the industries / applications that the HelioJET® Tank Cleaning Solutions are successfully supporting:

  • Beverage: Trailers, totes, process and storage tanks, condensers/evaporators. Residues: Fruit juices and concentrates, pulps, syrups, etc.
  • Brewing: Brew kettles, fermenters, mash tank, aerators, chip tanks, settling and finishing tank, filter beer and Schoene tanks, yeast brinks and holding tanks
  • Candy: Dryers, coating equipment, condensers, trailers and holding tanks. Residues: sugar, syrups, pigments (liquids or solids), etc.
  • Chemicals: Reactors, blenders, mixers, dryers, strippers, surge and drain tanks, condensers and evaporators, crystallizers, totes and shipping containers (barges to drums). Residues: Monomers, polymers, emulsions, resins, acrylics, latexes, salts, Saran®, Teflon®, etc.
  • Dairy: Spray dryers, evaporators, milk storage and transport containers (wet or dry), etc.
  • Distilling: Fermenters, tanks (aging, process and storage) and trailers
  • Food: Storage tanks, shipping containers (railcars to drums), cookers, fryers, kettles, mixers and blenders. Residues: Tomato pastes, sauces, mustards, molasses, sugars, soups, vegetables, etc.
  • Adhesives: Blenders/mixers, kettles/cookers and shipping containers (totes, drums, etc.)
  • Grain Processing (corn syrups): Railroad tankcars, trailers, totes and wet milling equipment. Residues: Grains, flour, high fructose corn syrup, other corn syrups, starches, etc.
  • Marine: Cargo holds in all sizes of barges and ships.
  • Meat: Railcars and trailers. Residues: Lard, toll oil, animal fats, etc.
  • Metals: Surface preparation and passivating tank (plastic, brick, coated steel or rubber lined) using nitric or phosphoric acid solutions.
  • Paints: Blenders/mixers, storage and filling tanks. Residues: water and solvent paints, automotive paints, epoxies, resins, pigments, etc.
  • Personal Care Products: Blenders/mixers, kettles/cookers, dryers, process and storage tanks. Residues: Shampoo, facial lotions and cremes, tanning oils and lotions, toothpaste, pigments, ingredients, etc.
  • Petroleum: Storage tanks, work areas, cleaning bays
  • Pharmaceutical: Fermenters, coaters, blenders, fluid-bed systems, bins, drums, totes and assorted storage containers. Residues: Antibiotics, Xanthin Gum, actives and excipients (liquids or solids), etc.
  • Pulp and Paper: Stock chests, liquor tanks, railcars, trailers, recovery boilers and precipitators, ash brokes. Residues: Liquors, stock, smelt, fly ash, etc.
  • Trucking: Wet and Dry Bulk Trailers, totes, ISO tank and containers
  • Waste Water Treatment: Wet wells, lift stations, clarifiers, holding/storage tanks, etc.
  • Winery: Fermenters, tanks, trailers, kegs and barrels. Residues: Tartrates, lees, dried wine, etc.
  • Other Users: Aviation, Automotive, Cleaning Contractors, Municipalities, Poultry, Steel, etc. and all industries using vats, tank or other vessels that require periodic cleaning.

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