HelioJET® Cleaning Technologies, Inc. manufactures and sells a line of patented, high–pressure, hot water industrial cleaning systems primarily used for paper machine fabric cleaning. Other industries served include food, steel, chemical, airline, automobile and pharmaceutical. HelioJET® sells a complete line of wash stations that are used throughout a plant for general purpose cleaning that help productions lines run more efficiently.

Inventor Carl Nicodemus discovered a phenomenon that allows the combination of steam and a low pressure water supply to produce a discharge of high pressure hot water at pressures never before attainable through a device with no moving parts. He continued to work on this discovery and the HelioPAC™ was born.

The patented HelioPAC utilizes existing steam and cold water supplies. As steam enters the HelioPAC, it is expanded to supersonic velocity that immediately condenses with the cold water stream. The steam’s heat and momentum are then transferred to the water. The result is instantaneous pressurized hot water at more than 99% efficiency.

For example: When using 90 psi steam pressure, and a cold water supply of 60 psi, the HelioPAC can deliver instantaneous hot water at over 300 psi and 185°F. The technology is unique in that it has no moving parts but can still instantaneously heat and pump water to high pressure. It is the most cost effective, reliable, high pressure, hot water system available.

HelioJET® has formed strategic alliances with key chemical suppliers in the paper industry in order to provide a comprehensive new technology program designed to prevent and remove system contamination. The program improves paper machine economics by maintaining the performance of the machine fabrics and the associated parts of the forming, press and dryer section unit operations on paper machines.

Environmentally Responsible/Friendly – HelioJET's solutions actually reduces the amount of chemical needed to effectively clean industrial facilities. This results in less effluent discharge to the environment and a reduction of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). With governments placing more stringent laws on paper mills to restrict the amount VOC outputs, this offering is much more attractive and sometimes mandatory.